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Fire Code Compliance Saves Lives

Michele Farley - President, FCS Fire Consulting Services Ltd.


• Fire Code compliance saves lives
• Fire Safety with Building and Fire Codes
• Fire Safety Planning
• Fire is a fact of life
• Fire tragedy is preventable
• Fire Code consultants can help


Founder & Senior Fire Safety Consultant

30 YEARS + in the Fire Safety Industry
Operations/Service Manager (Life Safety Systems)– 14+ years
Fire Code Consultant – 15+ years
Fire Code Implementation and Retrofit Specialist

Supporter of CCI for many years;
Founding member of CCI Huronia Board
Former CCI Huronia President
Former CCI National Board Member / Chair Communications Committee
Regular contributor to magazine / seminars

Regular Participant of Industry Codes and Standards Development
Member of the National Hoarding Coalition of Canada
Former Chair of the CAN/ULC-S572 Photoluminescent and Self-Luminous Signs and Path Marking Systems
Presenter of specifics regarding photoluminescent technology to the ULC Advisory Council of Canada
Task Group member, Use & Egress National Research Council Canada (NRC)
Code & Standard Development for Underwriters Laboratories Canada (ULC )
Ontario Fire Code related support of Communiqués and Guidelines
Fire Alarm installation standard guideline support and participant
Active Development of Alternative - FCS Supplemental Standards (OFM)
Regular Guest Speaker at Georgian College
ACMO - contributor – Fire Code coarse materials
Property Management Company – Continuing Education Credit Presenter

Supporter, Sponsor and Participant of many Industry Associations;
CFSA – Canadian Fire Safety Association
CFAA – Canadian Fire Alarm Association
NFPA – National Fire Prevention Association
IAPA – Industrial Accident Prevention Association
ULC – Underwriter’s Laboratory of Canada