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Communication and the Condo - Saving Money!

Sue Langlois - Founder/CEO, WOWnetwork


Why is communication such a big issue in condos? Why has it been overlooked?

How much do condo corporations spend annually on issues due to resident noncompliance?


How much information is being communicated to residents? Why?


How much time and money do board members spend addressing issues due to resident noncompliance?

How much time do property managers spend addressing issues due to resident noncompliance?

How does WOWnetwork help reduce costs to a condo corporation?

Communication strategy
Ex. Compliance series
Proactive communication versus reactive communication
Ex. The AGM

What is unique about WOWnetwork’s services? Content?

Reach, frequency, relevancy - lifestyle
ACMO, CCI, Communications Committee, Director’s Toolkit


Sue Langlois is the Founder/CEO of WOWnetwork, a broadcast/digital publishing service for condo board directors who need to solve the communication issue in condos. After successfully owning and operating a TV/radio commercial distribution business for fifteen years (DMD Broadcast Services Inc.), Sue piloted a digital message board project for condos in 2006/07, and spent several years interviewing property managers, board directors, and condo residents, to determine the communication needs of the industry. Since then she has put her background to work overseeing the development of creative content specifically designed to provide effective communication in condos that is beyond the scope of traditional property management contracts.

Sue is an active member of CCI Toronto and is currently a member of its Communications Committee.